Guidelines to select the best PC cleaner from the online market

The windows registry is the most important part of any operating system. All the details about your system's software, downloads, user information and drivers are stored in the registry. We tend to remove, update, add, reinstall and move different software applications within the system. All this could create a mess in registry. This will eventually affect the speed of your computer and create errors. To safeguard your computer, you need effective PC cleaning tools. Popular ones are Ccleaner, ncleaner second, wise registry cleaner etc. 

Benefits of installing Ccleaner on your PC

Ccleaner has received 5 star ratings. You could clear the disk space by deleting things such as cookies, temporary files, all the recycle bin entries, history of different internet explorers like Mozilla Firefox, opera, explorer, Google Chrome, safari and many others. 

However, you have the option to configure your cookies and cache setting for all the browsers. You could store the cache and cookies while cleaning the disk. Not only this, the 'custom rules' option will help you to retain or delete the folders and files while burning the disk. 

You could add many other features of the basic version of Ccleaner free download that are not available initially. Besides this, if necessary you could delete the useless features from this tool. From past several years, the Ccleaner has become the topmost burning application online. It supports every version of the windows including 7, 8 etc. 

How to get started with the wise registry cleaner

Wise registry cleaner is the topmost name in this list. Many users rank it as the no. 1 tool because of its easy to understand features. This application will guide you at each and every step from running the application to removing the data. This tool is designed for Windows 98 version. 

During the installation process, the registry cleaner will ask for your details like email address. However, it is an optional choice. Once you run the tool, it will start the quick start guide. Further, it will ask you for the automatic registry backup. Once understood, you could check the box ‘not to show these messages again'. If you have any confusion while using this tool, you could click the 'help' option. You could click on the 'options' menu to make changes as per your convenience. 

Auslogics registry cleaner is ideal for a novice user. This application is available with advanced or a quick scan. If you select the advanced scan option, you could scan all the DLLs and the software applications. This software will scan only the safe items. 

Ncleaner second is highly recommended by all the IT professionals. If you are looking for a comprehensive PC cleaning tool, it is the ultimate choice.  However, it does not support Windows 7. It is developed for operating systems like Windows 2003, Windows XP and Vistas. The 'clean system' option will completely clear your registry. The restore feature of this software will restore and even backup your registry.